Friday, April 17, 2009

The Other Susan Boyle: Visual Artist

She probably is receiving more attention than expected. Artists are funny that way.

Who? Susan Boyle, of course.

Who? Right. There's more than one Susan Boyle. This one is an artist, and she happily owns:

She's a visual artist. Can she sing? I'm sure she's being asked, but do checked out her work. Buy something if you can.

She says:

My art education emphasized drawing, painting, and printmaking. I graduated from Arizona State University and began my career as a commercial artist working for several years in the Midwest and then in New York City. I wanted to be able to manage the world, and traveling seemed to be the best way to do that.

I joined an international airline and traveled extensively. Becoming increasingly interested in knowing what motivates people, I pursued a career in human resources. Throughout the pressures and demands of my professional and family life, I never stopped learning about art and about the nature of people, friends, and loved ones. I wanted to paint them all but I could not devote the time. Now I focus almost entirely on drawing and painting images of people.

Drawing from life, having a model in the studio, is my preferred way of working. My models are ordinary people, neighbors and friends, whose inner lives are often revealed in their gesture, expression, or demeanor. I strive to create compelling images that are fresh, honest, and immediate. My art exposes my perception of people and the world which balances humor with humanity.

The medium I currently prefer is ink sometimes in combination with other media, such as, caran d'ache, conté crayon, or collage.

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